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Be patient and take small steps ...

Updated: Mar 20

And small steps 🐾 really will lead to HUGE, life-changing success 🏆

So one of my recent GCSE students 👩‍🎓 will also tell you ...

Just a couple of months before this year's final GCSE English exams, she'd asked me if I tutored resits 😟 ... despite her uphill struggle of relentless revision and practice, she had NEVER passed an exam in English ...

But together, we took many patient and VERY determined steps to the top 💪

My amazing student went on to pass her English GCSEs with HUGE success!

Not just a pass but a grade 5️⃣ - in both English language and literature! 🎇

She is now excelling in her dream course at a local college 🏅

A huge, unforgettable and wonderful success that’s well worth celebrating!

Get in touch if you'd like a chat about tuition and how it may be able to help you!

Let's transform grades together!

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