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Terms & Conditions


Once we have agreed and confirmed the initial (or trial) session of tuition, I will schedule a meeting via the Zoom communications platform and email you and/or your child the login details. I will then raise an invoice for the initial lesson that should be paid 72 hours before it commences. If you and your child wish to continue with tuition, payment for the remainder of that month must be received 48 hours before the next session. 

Sessions of private/one-to-one English tuition are priced at the following rates:


KS3     60 mins    £45

KS4     60 mins    £50

Cancellation & Refunds

In the often-unforeseen event of cancellation, please provide me with the maximum notice available. I endeavour to be as flexible as possible but repeat cancellations and/or changes to our confirmed arrangement will likely result in its early conclusion.


Refunds cannot be given when your child misses a session or is more than fifteen minutes late without prior notice. However, whenever possible, I will offer your child an alternative day/time.  

In the unlikely event that I need to postpone or cancel a session, I will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to offer an alternative session or will arrange a refund/credit for that session.


I will provide as much notice as possible of any holiday that I plan to take.


Other than in exceptional circumstances, the holiday that I take will not be during the months of March, April, or May or for the duration of the final summer exam period up until the last English exam.


I am often available for tuition during the school holiday periods, and this will be communicated to you several weeks in advance of those dates. However, please note that I am not available for tuition during the December school holidays or most of the school summer holidays. 

Latest offers

  • Recommend me to a friend! Get a £5 lesson discount!*


If you recommend me to another parent, you'll receive a £5 lesson discount for the remainder of your child's booking!


*The discount will become effective once the prospective parent commits to regular weekly sessions for at least one academic term. 

  • £10 discount on double lessons!* 


Would your child benefit from more than one tuition session per week? Sign up for two weekly lessons and receive a £10 discount on each lesson!


*This offer is valid when booking two sessions of tuition per week for at least one academic term. The discount is applicable only for the duration of the bi-weekly booking.


  • Review & Feedback ... up to 10% discount on packages*

Are you looking for more detailed feedback on your child's written work? Pre-paid packages for my Review & Feedback service are available when your child needs extra support.

5% discount on a 5-hour package | 10% discount on a 10-hour package

*Key stage hourly rates apply. (E.g. Five hours of review and feedback for a GCSE/iGCSE student usually cost £250; a pre-paid 5-hour package will cost £235. 10-hours of review and feedback usually cost £500; a pre-paid 10-hour package will cost £450.) A minimum of 48 hours notice for me to complete the review and feedback on your child's written work is preferred; however, I will accommodate all requests wherever possible. All pre-paid packages must be used before the end of the academic term.  


In common with any educator, I cannot guarantee that your child will realise the performance or grades which they hope to achieve.


I aspire to comprehensively understand and deliver the most effective pedagogy for your child's key stage and prepare and deliver lessons that are bespoke to their individual needs and abilities.


To enable me to help your child to the best of my ability, I kindly ask that you:


  • Provide me with the dates of any school-specific assessments, such as mock exams

  • Keep me updated about your child's progress at school

  • Keep me updated about any learning difficulties that they may have

  • Keep me updated about any new or ongoing social, emotional or mental health concerns

  • Agree to your child's use of the camera and the microphone during lesson lessons


Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By sending your child to their first session it will be deemed that you accept these terms and conditions.

Name: Deborah Delacroix

Phone: 07861 822 512



Dated: 20 May 2024

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