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GCSE & iGCSE English
language & literature

AQA, Cambridge, Edexcel, OCR Exam Boards

Image by Matt Riches

Teaching Plan

To appreciate

the depth and power of the English literary heritage |

To analyse a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form, grammatical and structural features |

To evaluate a writer's effectiveness and impact |

To adapt a student's writing

for a wide range of purposes

and audiences | To restructure writing to improve coherence, consistency and clarity |

To speak confidently, audibly

and effectively

Rates & Service

Private tuition - £50 per hour

This includes:

Continuous appraisal of your child's aptitude to meet the KS4 Assessment Objectives | 

Lesson Plans and Teaching Objectives aligned with the National Curriculum | Planning and preparation before lessons to ensure that each session provides what your child specifically needs | Creation and/or downloading of educational resources | Additional subject and/or pedagogical research, as required | Brief reviews of any written work/answers sent to

me at least 24 hours before

the lesson | Regular

post-lesson feedback

Exclusions: A comprehensive Review & Feedback service is available for written work.

See latest offers for details!

Set Texts

These include:


Romeo & Juliet

The Strange Case of

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

War of the Worlds

A Christmas Carol

Journey's End

Lord of the Flies

An Inspector Calls

Of Mice & Men

A View from the Bridge

Blood Brothers

Poetry, fiction and non-fiction anthologies

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