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Recommend me

to a friend!

Get a £5 discount

Recommend me to another parent during your child's tuition and receive a £5 lesson discount for the remainder of your booking!*  

*The discount will come into effect once the prospective parent commits to regular weekly sessions for at least one academic term.

£10 discount on double lessons! 

Think your child could benefit from more than one session of tuition per week?

Sign up to two lessons each week and receive a £10 discount on each lesson!*  

*This offer is valid when booking two sessions of tuition per week for at least one academic term. The discount is applicable only for the duration of the bi-weekly booking. 

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Review & Feedback: up to 10% discount*

Are you looking for more detailed

feedback on your child's written work? 

Pre-paid packages for my Review & Feedback service are available for the times when your child needs some extra support.

5% discount on 5-hour package 

10% discount on 10-hour packages 

*Hourly rates apply. All pre-paid packages must be used before the end of the academic year.

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