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What does structure mean again?!?

Updated: 19 hours ago

For many GCSE students, understanding structure can feel like a frustrating business! 🥺

In Paper 1 Question 3, the AQA exam board asks students to analyse the ways a specific writer has structured a text to interest the reader 📖

But what does ‘interest the reader’ mean?

It’s how the writer uses structure to engage with the reader’s emotions.

For example, does the text create mystery? 👣 Does it use a sense of uncertainty to keep us reading? 😩 Does it create a feeling of fear? 😨

And what about the how?

‘How’ will always refer to the methods (or techniques) the writer has used to organise the text. It does not include the ways a writer uses language.


Below is an extract from a recent AQA exam paper with a few highlighted quotes and annotations - named techniques and brief analysis - to help you understand how to answer this question.



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