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When is tuition available? 

At present, tuition is available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons and evenings, as well as on Sunday. Please get in touch to discuss the time and day most convenient for you: |  07861 822 512

Why is it important that my child has weekly lessons?

Regular tuition has several benefits.


Weekly lessons allow the time for your child and me to gradually develop a good rapport that will not only make their lessons more enjoyable but their learning more effective.


Regular lessons also enable me to support your child immediately with any problems or questions that result from recent lessons at school. Often, this is a valuable opportunity for me to address any confusion or lack of understanding that your child may have before it becomes an obstacle for them.


Lastly, weekly tuition reinforces my overall delivery of a comprehensive teaching plan that is aligned with National Curriculum objectives. 

Will lessons recur at the same time and day every week? 



However, if you do need to reschedule a lesson on the odd occasion, I will do my utmost to make an alternative time and day available to your child.

What will happen during a lesson?

Quite simply, every lesson is different!

However, the way that your child feels they are performing in both lessons and assessments will be discussed regularly. Difficulties with any of the skills required at their particular stage and level of learning will be prioritised to ensure that they can progress and conquer these obstacles quickly.

Attending to any areas of self-doubt or a lack of confidence will be fundamental to each session of tuition.

Any given topic will be explored thoroughly and may entail the close reading of written extracts, discussion of new vocabulary, numerous analytical techniques - such as mind-mapping, tabulation, annotation, colour-coding, quote explosion etc. - as well as the completion of written tasks and practice exam questions.


Tuition sessions will reflect my commitment to empowering your child and transforming their grades with each one tailored to their precise academic needs and learning style.

Will private tuition complement what is taught at my child's school?



Since my lessons are planned to reflect the aims of the National Curriculum, as well as the specific requirements of the relevant exam board, your child will be able to use all that is learned and practised with me at school - from the very first lesson!


Equally, any school lessons that result in a lack of understanding, confusion, or even insufficient challenge can be addressed and resolved during private tuition.

How long will it take for my child to improve aademically?

It goes without saying that we all learn at very different paces!


However, many of my students quickly discover a sense of confidence not just in their understanding of the subject and finding the 'missing pieces of the jigsaw' but in what they believe they can achieve academically.


The overwhelming benefit of private tuition is that it allows dedicated time for one-to-one teaching and support. Each session of tuition affords me the time to get to know and understand your child's specific style and pace of learning, their academic abilities, and any glaring knowledge gaps.


One example of how the individual style of private tuition recently allowed me to help a current student is below:


In his final mock exams, my student achieved a grade of 2. His parents then asked me to tutor him.


In early sessions, my new student was very nervous about answering questions and was worried that he would get the answers wrong. I quickly understood that this student would initially need plenty of reassurance and encouragement, so we took our time to probe topics and break down analysis at a pace that he was comfortable with.


By the middle of February, his teacher was "impressed" with the increasingly "excellent" standard of his work, and my student was only two marks away from being awarded a grade 5 in his exams.


Then, in May, his mother reported that they were "delighted" at his latest mock GCSE results in which he'd achieved a 5 in English Literature!

Who are Qualified Tutor? 

Qualified Tutor is the only independent professional membership body for tutors. Their mission is to raise standards in tutoring. They believe that all tutors worldwide should be safe, skilled and supported, and therefore provide support, guidance and quality assurance to the tutoring profession. Entry requirements are DBS and Safeguarding.


In November 2023, Qualified Tutor achieved CPD Certification Service which showcases that independent tutors carrying the QT Certified badge have not only met CPD Certification's requirements but have also demonstrated their commitment to safety and skill enhancement.


QT Certification requires tutors to evidence their Enhanced DBS and enrolled on the Update Service, Safeguarding training, Insurance, Policies and Procedures, 5+ Verified Client Reviews.

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